Transform a life today—your gift gives them a second chance at joy.


Be the hero in a deserving dog's story—Open your home and heart.


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Saving Senior Dogs with Heart

Chris and Mariesa launched the Mr. Mo Project to save senior dogs nationwide, covering their care and medical bills to ensure they enjoy their twilight years in loving homes. The project rescues senior dogs from shelters, coordinates their transport across the U.S., and recruits foster families, committing to the dogs’ lifelong health and happiness.

HOW does it work

Join the Lifesaving Mission

Join us in this heartfelt endeavor—your involvement makes a real difference in the lives of senior dogs, providing them with the love and care they merit for as long as they live.

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Make a lasting impact. Your donations directly support our mission, ensuring we can cover veterinary bills for every rescued dog throughout their lives. Yes, you heard right—every contribution helps secure a bright future for these deserving seniors.

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Open your home and heart. By fostering a Mr. Mo Project senior dog, you provide the love and shelter they deserve. We stand by our foster families and the dogs from start to finish, offering unwavering support every step of the way.



Empower and engage. Initiating a fundraiser for the Mr. Mo Project not only raises vital funds but also spreads awareness. Together, we can ensure that senior dogs receive the care and affection they've earned, regardless of their age.


The Heart of Mr. Mo Project

The heart of this project is a dog named Moses, who came into our lives and changed them forever. After being surrendered to a shelter for being too old, he has paved a path for senior dogs to find a new life and live the “best for the rest” by finding them homes and financially supporting them and their families in their final days. 

Partners & Sponsors

Together, Making Every Tail Wag Possible

YuMOVE, Joint Supplements for Dogs, has partnered with the Mr. Mo Project to give senior dogs a new lease on life. YuMOVE has donated $20,000 along with providing monthly YuMOVE PLUS or Veterinary exclusive ADVANCE 360 dog joint supplements to every dog in their program.


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641 Grooms Road, #235, Clifton Park, NY 12065

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Our Foster Success Stories


Hear from Those Who’ve Opened Their Hearts and Homes

Charla Childers
Charla Childers
I've been following The Mr. Mo Project for several years now & during that time, I have watched them rescue, rehabilitate, & re-home dozens & dozens of dogs that wouldn't have had any chance w/out them. It is a heart-wrenching labor of love for them most of the time but they never quit or lose hope. So much love to so many sweet creatures who would have been "throw aways" if not for them. Can't say enough great things about them - they deserve all of the credit & support they can get.
They are the best. They care about dogs in need. They are polite caring prompt and willing to work with you for the care of your pet. A wonderful experience working with them.
Thank you for helping all animals. I simply cannot express enough gratitude for how much ya'll truly do. ❤
Luann Henehan
Luann Henehan
I contribute when I can. I live the work Chris an Mariesa do. Saving senior dogs. I hope that I ever have a need for my seniors to be taken care of that it would be the Mr Mo project that would take them. Then not only meet the needs of the seniors but the genuinely love them.
Meg Whitner
Meg Whitner
They're the best - they really want to see every senior dog live their best life, and if there is a sliver of hope, they will help.
Debbie Bryant
Debbie Bryant
Chris & Mariesa and their crew do such a wonderful job of creating forever homes for senior dogs that get left behind. Dogs that deserve a better end to the rest of their lives. God bless their caring and loving hearts!
Lori Courtaway
Lori Courtaway
They do such amazing work with senior pets!