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Empowering Senior Dogs with Hope and Homes Across the Nation

Our mission is to rescue senior dogs from shelters nationwide so they can live out their lives in a loving home setting. Mr. Mo Project coordinates the transport of senior dogs from all over the the United States, recruits foster families for the dogs, and provides ongoing support by being a partner in the dogs’ care including paying the medical and vet bills for the duration of their lives.


Hearts Behind Our Mission

The couple formed the Mr. Mo Project after experiencing the panic and heartbreak of expensive veterinarian bills for their senior dog Mo. Recognizing that many senior dogs are abandoned or surrendered to shelters because their owners are unable to pay for their care, Chris and Mariesa formed the Mr. Mo Project and are determined to ensure that the elderly dog population nationwide is cared for.





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Together, We Make a Difference


Sponsors & Community

The Mr. Mo Project is run by Chris and Mariesa Hughes and is an established 501(c)(3) non-profit group responsible for saving countless shelter dogs since 2014. Together, with rescue affiliates and committed volunteers, they fight to save senior shelter dogs nationwide, to honor the life of their late and beloved senior dog, Mr. Mo.

With generous donations from Team Mo Sponsors, and the amazing Mr. Mo dog rescue community, all program dogs enjoy veterinarian medical bill assistance for the duration of their lives, free transportation to one of Mr. Mo Project’s generous foster homes, as well as other great benefits including food donations and discounts at sponsor businesses. Chris and Mariesa live in Clifton Park, NY with their eight senior rescue dogs.


Celebrating Our Devoted Local and National Allies

The Mr. Mo Project, is making senior dogs more adoptable by assisting with the expenses associated with welcoming a senior dog into your home.  Not only do business partners provide assistance with vet bills for the dogs, they also provide help to ensure that the dogs have a smooth transition into a new family. All dogs adopted through the Mr. Mo Project receive the generous benefits offered by business sponsors. Our team and all the dogs from the Mr. Mo Project want to sincerely thank our incredible business sponsors for making Mr. Mo’s senior dog rescue program a reality. Please support our sponsors when you need any of their services. Use Code MRMOPROJECT for 10% Off at JUST FRED.

If your business would like to partner with the Mr. Mo Project, please contact us! Any and all products or services are needed and greatly appreciated. Monetary donations are gratefully accepted and 100% of the funds go toward caring for Project dogs. We will place your logo on our site with a link to your web address as well as highlight your business on our social media page.

Join Our Compassionate Community

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641 Grooms Road, #235, Clifton Park, NY 12065

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Hear from Those Who’ve Opened Their Hearts and Homes

Charla Childers
Charla Childers
I've been following The Mr. Mo Project for several years now & during that time, I have watched them rescue, rehabilitate, & re-home dozens & dozens of dogs that wouldn't have had any chance w/out them. It is a heart-wrenching labor of love for them most of the time but they never quit or lose hope. So much love to so many sweet creatures who would have been "throw aways" if not for them. Can't say enough great things about them - they deserve all of the credit & support they can get.
They are the best. They care about dogs in need. They are polite caring prompt and willing to work with you for the care of your pet. A wonderful experience working with them.
Thank you for helping all animals. I simply cannot express enough gratitude for how much ya'll truly do. ❤
Luann Henehan
Luann Henehan
I contribute when I can. I live the work Chris an Mariesa do. Saving senior dogs. I hope that I ever have a need for my seniors to be taken care of that it would be the Mr Mo project that would take them. Then not only meet the needs of the seniors but the genuinely love them.
Meg Whitner
Meg Whitner
They're the best - they really want to see every senior dog live their best life, and if there is a sliver of hope, they will help.
Debbie Bryant
Debbie Bryant
Chris & Mariesa and their crew do such a wonderful job of creating forever homes for senior dogs that get left behind. Dogs that deserve a better end to the rest of their lives. God bless their caring and loving hearts!
Lori Courtaway
Lori Courtaway
They do such amazing work with senior pets!